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Our courses to learn paragliding and become a certified pilot

Become a paragliding pilot

Master piloting and get drunk on the incredible sensations experienced in flight.
Dimension-3 offers you training packages adapted to your level, beginner or experienced.
Choose the internship that suits you best!
paragliding school

Initiation course

■ Objectives You combined theory and practice, in order to acquire a good knowledge of the equipment, aerology and basic gestures of piloting.
■ First solo flight
First solo flight Over the course, you will progress at your own pace by making small flights on a gentle slope, educational two-seater flights with dual controls, to finally achieve your first solo flight.

■ Supervision Each student is supervised by two qualified instructors with radio assistance, and uses the school’s equipment.

■ Equipment on loan (available).

■ Duration 3 to 4 days.

Full training / Solo license

■ Objectives Following the introductory course, this complete theoretical and practical training will prepare you for the Swiss Federal Certificate as a paragliding pilot.

A big step towards autonomy is the work of take-off techniques, approach and landing control. You will discover the exploitation of different air masses, fly in thermals, discover new sites, reinforce your skills and learn how to observe the signs of the air.

■ Federal Certificate This training is in accordance with the programme of the Swiss Federation of Free Flight (FSVL) and recognised by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). The patent is recognized worldwide. The minimum number of flights required to take the practical test is 50 flights. (In order to be able to take the practical test, a number of 50 flights is required).

école de parapente - stage licence solo brevet fédéral
école de parapente - stage remise à niveau

Upgrading to a new level

Like many pilots, you have flown less and less for a thousand reasons, but without ever making the decision to stop paragliding. ()Your volatile soul wakes up again, but you hesitate? The simple sight of the other paragliders in flight makes you sigh with nostalgia?

Take the step! We will take care of you in peace.

We will assist you according to your specific needs: inflation, take-offs, thermal, landings, equipment verification, advice and upgrades.

It’s like riding a bike, you can’t forget it!

Discovery day

The discovery day is individualized (max. 2 participants). This personalized training allows you to perform your first manoeuvres under the supervision of an instructor.

You will discover the equipment, its implementation and the first exercises on a gentle slope.

The highlight of the day: a tandem paragliding flight, with pedagogical exercises and dual controls.

école de parapente - journée découverte



Training at your own pace

Choose one of our formulas
or contact us to evaluate your needs together.

Paragliding Training Center – Price List

Initiation course
Fixed price
960.- CHF

The course to start paragliding:

  • All basics
  • Ability to fly solo
  • Training 3 to 4 days
  • Equipment on loan

Ask for more information… or book!

Full training
60.- CHF / Flight
(or CHF 30 if you are flying
with your own equipment)

Obtain the federal patent:

  • Theoretical concepts
  • In-flight manoeuvres
  • Multiply flights
  • Exercises for the review

Ask for more information… or book!

Upgrading to a new level
220.- CHF / Day

A personalized program:

  • Revisions of the concepts
  • Ground exercises
  • In-flight manoeuvres
  • Evaluation and recommendations

Ask for more information… or book!

Discovery Day
Fixed price
320.- CHF

Discovery and great flight:

  • Individualized formula
  • Knowledge of the equipment
  • Basics and exercises
  • Tandem flight with dual controls

Ask for more information… or book!

Customised formulas?

You have particular constraints. Our formulas are modular and can be adapted to your needs. Progress at your own pace.

Practical informations for internships

Loan equipment

It is made up of:

  • A recent paraglider adapted to your needs,
  • A harness with back protection,
  • A rescue parachute,
  • A helmet,
  • From a radio.


Students are covered in CAR by our insurance during the training sessions.

FOCA and FSVL approvals

Dimension-3 is a free flight school approved by the FOCA and the FSVL (Federal Office of Civil Aviation and Swiss Free Flight Federation).

Sites / Take-offs

Our privileged sites are located at Villars-sur-Ollon. But other take-off options are available to you, such as Leysin, La Gruyère, and even Sonchaux for a flight on Lake Geneva. We can also take off from Sonchaux to fly on Lake Geneva. The sites are defined according to the training curriculum, on a school slope, beginner take-offs or large flights.

The weather forecast

Weather forecasts, wind and breeze strength, orientation and thunderstorm development potential are essential parameters for paragliding. Every day, we determine the most suitable site for the training course of your internship to ensure optimal safety conditions.

It is possible to buy your own equipment, new or used, on the first flight or during training.

Our courses to learn paragliding and become a certified pilot 14/11/2016
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The Dimension-3 paragliding school was created in 1994. For nearly 25 years, we have trained hundreds of pilots. We took thousands of passengers on a tandem paragliding flight.
With all of them, we shared the pleasure of flying!


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Dimension-3 is not only a paragliding school. We offer you services by plane or helicopter for flights over the canton of Vaud and the Swiss Alps. An exceptional guided tour! Dimension-3 organizes for you: