Vols tandem et école de parapente à Villars sur Ollon

General Terms and Conditions of Sale / Booking / Registration

General Terms and Conditions of Sale / Booking / Registration

1. Scope of application

The name of Dimension3 TB sàrl is abbreviated in the text below as “D3”.

The conclusion of an order/reservation/registration via the website www.dimension-3.ch generates a valid contract between the customer and D3, to which the following conditions apply and the provisions relating to the product and service offers contained in the website www.dimension-3.ch.

2. Ordering

As soon as the order/reservation or registration has been launched by clicking on the “Order” button (or similar indication), it is legally binding on the customer, who is then subject, as well as D3, to the rights and obligations arising from the contract.

D3 reserves the right to execute orders only to the extent that the products and services are actually available and provided that the order form is completed completely and truthfully.

3. Conditions of participation

Each participant must be in good physical condition, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and have valid accident insurance. Depending on weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, D3 reserves the right to cancel or modify the flight at any time.

3.1. Conclusion of the contract

The contract with D3 is concluded upon receipt of your registration by e-mail, telephone, in writing or in person, insofar as your reservation relates to an activity carried out directly with D3. In all other cases, D3 acts only as an intermediary for services provided by third parties. This entails rights and obligations for you and D3. If you register other participants, you must be accountable for their contractual obligations (in particular with regard to the payment of the activity amount) as well as for your own obligations. The contractual provisions and these general terms and conditions of contract are applicable to all participants. We advise you by therefore to read very carefully the following general conditions and to transmit them to the other participants.

If D3 provides you with an activity performed by another service provider, the general terms and conditions of that other service provider apply. In this case, D3 is not a contracting party.

3.2. Modification or cancellation of the service by D3

For security reasons or unforeseen circumstances, D3 reserves the right to cancel or modify the service at any time.

3.3. Responsibility

In the event of death, bodily injury or illness during the service, D3 shall not be held liable insofar as it is at fault. In the case of personal injury, his liability is limited to his own insurance coverage and direct damage; in the case of material damage, to the amount of the price of the injured party’s service.

D3 may not be able to support the activity through its own structure and you may eventually do the activity with another service provider. D3 collaborates with quality service providers, however D3 declines all responsibility and is not a contracting party for any disputes or accidents occurring between the customer and the service provider, even if the reservation and payment has been made to D3.

3.3.1. Insurance during an initiation and paragliding license

Each participant in the initiation or licence must have accident insurance covering him/her in Switzerland for the activity of paragliding. In Switzerland, this activity is not considered a high-risk sport. During the practice of paragliding only, the school is liable for damage caused to others. In the event of material damage to the sail, harness or equipment on loan, the participant is responsible for his own liability.

3.4. Prices and payment terms

3.4.1. Prices

The prices of the service are indicated on the D3 website and are in Swiss francs per person.

3.4.2. Methods of payment

Partial or full payment of the service is required when registering or during the activity. If a payment is not received on time, D3 is entitled to refuse the services and to claim payment of the cancellation fee.

3.5. Cancellation

3.5.1. Cancellation of the service by the client

A cancellation is only valid in a writing form. It will only deploy its effects upon receipt by D3. In case of cancellation, change or modification of the service the following cancellation fees will be charged:
– less than 48 hours before the appointment time: 100% of the price.

3.5.2. Late arrival by the client

You alone bear the consequences of a late arrival and can under no circumstances claim reimbursement of the price of the chosen service.

3.5.3. Early termination of service by the client

If you are obliged to interrupt the service early for any personal reason, the price of the service cannot be refunded.

3.6. Complaints

All complaints and claims for compensation must be addressed to D3 in writing within 4 weeks of the end of the service.

3.7. Application of the law and legal venue

Only the provisions of Swiss law shall apply in the relations arising from the contract between you and D3.

3.8. Jurisdiction for passengers from the USA and Canada

In the event of any dispute arising from the tandem flight, passengers from the USA and Canada explicitly waive any jurisdiction in the USA or Canada and are aware that neither Dimension-3 nor the pilot will accept jurisdiction in the USA or Canada.

4. Additional general conditions for gift vouchers

The order of a gift voucher by the customer and/or user implies his acceptance of these general conditions.

4.1. Use of the gift voucher

The gift voucher is valid as a means of payment with the service provider of the activity. The gift voucher is not nominative, and can therefore be transferred to the person of your choice. The gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
No refund or restitution requests are accepted.

4.2. Liability

The gift voucher is valid as a means of payment with the service provider of the mentioned activity who is solely responsible for the proper execution of the service. D3 endeavours to collaborate with quality service providers, however D3 declines all responsibility and is not a contracting party for any disputes between the beneficiary of the gift voucher and the service provider as well as for any accidents occurring during the activity.

4.3. Payment of the gift voucher

Our gift certificate issuance system is based on trust and simplicity. It is extremely rare that this system does not work. If this is the case, we send only 1 reminder before possibly initiating legal proceedings, all costs incurred by late payment will be borne by the customer. Amount equivalent to 100% of the total costs.

5. Contact

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URL: https://www.dimension-3.ch/


General Terms and Conditions of Sale / Booking / Registration 21/11/2016
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Dimension-3 paragliding school was founded in 1994.
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